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Application Security
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About Us

We focus on helping you deliver secure software through deliberate practice while maintaining the speed of your business.

Headquartered in Toronto, Security Compass is a leading application security firm specializing in solving root application security problems for Fortune 500 companies. Security Compass rapidly unifies application security with business goals. Our goal is to help you build secure software by seamlessly unifying your application security needs through eLearning, Security Requirements and Verification.

Our Beliefs

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Security is elaborate and continuously changing. Masking security problems will not solve the problem - we believe in solving the problem.

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Security is not one-size-fits-all; every company requires a unique security blueprint. Building this blueprint is a company-wide experience that must be clearly understood.

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Conquering security risks together will help achieve the organization’s mission without compromising usability.

We're constantly growing and always looking for new talented people.

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