Advisory Financial Services Client Story

Improving the Physical Security of Offices and Validating Security Controls

A financial services Client was interested in improving the physical security of their offices and confirming that security controls across all their physical locations were consistent.

Financial Services

Practice Areas
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Configuration Review

Our Client’s Challenge:

  • As a Fortune organization that has multiple office locations across the US, consistent enforcement of security controls and measuring control effectiveness was a challenge.
  • Our Client had a need to verify that remote offices were implementing security best practices to the corporate security standard. Wireless deployments, network controls, and configuration were core security concerns in addition to physical access controls that could allow unintended entry points for attackers.

Our Approach:

  • Security Compass worked with our Client to evaluate the controls in place at their head office and the corporate security standards required of remote locations.
  • Traveling on-site to each office location, Security Compass evaluated the security standards for wireless security and network access. These assessments reviewed the configuration of wireless access points, detection of rogue access points, and access control on network ports.
  • In addition, the physical security of each office was reviewed, where physical access controls for access badges, keys, door access, and other controls were evaluated.

The Result:

  • Security Compass helped our Client confirm the presence and effectiveness of security controls at each remote office against the corporate security standard. Our Client gained confidence that wireless and network access controls were effective and able to help prevent unauthorized access.
  • Strategic recommendations derived from our assessments helped strengthen the physical security of their remote offices, including implementation of mantraps, authentication requirements and keys. This helped improve our Client’s overall physical security of remote offices, lowering the risk of an malicious intruder.
Our Client gained confidence that their wireless and network access controls across all physical offices were effective, adhered to corporate security standards, and able to prevent unauthorized access.

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