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  • BMC Software

    BMC Software drives business value through application security education

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  • Cubic

    Leading developer of transportation systems builds security into the SDLC

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  • Square Two

    SC Training sparks an engaging security culture at SquareTwo Financial

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  • Nurun

    Design and technology consultants from Security Compass optimize security training investment at Nurun

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  • Ovum On The Radar

    The security industry is largely focused on detecting security vulnerabilities but less so on preventing these vulnerabilities in the first place. Security Compass has addressed this gap by producing a task-based assistant that plugs into application lifecycle management (ALM) tools and feeds advice at relevant points of development activity.

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  • image32

    With the help of SD Elements, image32 enables physicians to deliver better patient care.

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  • Health Care Provider

    Health care plan provider improves application security and reduces audit findings with SD Elements.

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  • How to Add Security Requirements into Different Development Processes

    Learn how to embed security into three patterns of development: agile, waterfall and continuous development. This whitepaper outlines suggestions for adding security requirements into different development processes.

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  • 5 Steps to Starting a Software Security Requirements Program

    Security requirements are different. With a good security requirement system, you can determine the relevant threat to your applications in 15 minutes. Five simple steps to get you started on building a software security requirements program.

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  • Automated Scaling of Security Requirements

    Learn how we built a scalable security requirements process to accurately predict over 97% of high risk vulnerabilities in penetration tests. This whitepaper outlines common challenges with security requirements, and a process for effectively automating and scaling security and other non-functional requirements.

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  • What are Security Requirements?

    This short article describes security requirements, including differentiating continuous and one-time requirements. The article also describes attributes of a good security requirement. Explicitly stating security requirements during project inception is the perfect complement to security testing.

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  • What is Security Testing?

    This short article discusses common methods for verifying security software, including code review and run-time assessments. The article describes the various techniques and their relative strengths and weaknesses. Application security testing generally refers to testing custom or lesser-known commercial software applications for security vulnerabilities.

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