State of DDOS mitigation 2016

By conducting simulated DDoS attacks against a variety of targets, we put their DDoS mitigation strategies to the ultimate test. This report explores the most common vulnerabilities and pitfalls we discovered, and identifies ways to fix them to protect against a real attack.

Findings include:

  • 95% of targets experienced service degradation
  • 78% of targets were unable to mitigate an attack
  • 70% of targets needed non-technical improvements (people and process)
  • 95% of targets needed rate limit tuning
  • Application layer attacks were the most successful and caused the longest downtime
  • Average bandwidth to cause downtime was only 4.3 GB/s

While problems were pervasive, the vast majority were fixable, and arose from misunderstandings about the nature of DDoS attacks and how to use DDoS mitigation technology and techniques.

For all of our findings, analysis, and recommendations for improving DDoS mitigation, download the full report.

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