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Please use the navigation to find what you are looking for, but don't leave empty handed — Check out: Failing to test your DDoS defenses can backfire Sahba Kazerooni, Managing Director at Security Compass debates: Is DDoS becoming a more serious threat Ehsan Foroughi is featured in CNN Money's article on the new Apple Home kit. VP Rohit Sethi discusses the security of your body's personal data. Consultant Nima Dezhkam comments on a security flaw within certain Android devices. CEO Nish Bhalla demonstrates how criminals can steal your credit card information using NFC built into the latest cards. CEO Nish Bhalla explains how the CRA security breach could have occured and why it could have gone unnoticed for much longer. Sahba Kazerooni explains what needs to be known about the Heartbleed Bug. VP Rohit Sethi with the latest on the 'Heartbleed' computer bug. VP Rohit Sethi explains what the 'heartbleed bug' is and how it captures server secrets. VP Rohit Sethi discusses the 'heartbleed bug' on CTV National at 1:36 VP Rohit Sethi explains what the 'heartbleed bug' and how to protect your information from it. CEO Nish Bhalla has some cyber tips on how to protect yourself and your home while on vacation. VP Rohit Sethi talks about 'Motives behind a new kind of hacking' VP Rohit Sethi discusses data privacy and Google. VP Rohit Sethi textd in CSO "Why the state of application security is not so healthy". Security Compass featured in CBC News 'High-tech heartbeat wristband'. CEO Nish Bhalla textd in CBS News 'In wake of NSA encryption revelation, is privacy an illusion?'. Director of Research Ehsan Foroughi discusses 'Thwart DNS Hijackers: 5 Tips'. VP Rohit Sethi textd in Smartbear "Software Security: Balancing Resources and Risks". Is It Really Safe In The Cloud? VP Rohit Sethi discusses the security concerns of a centralized cloud provider on CNBC's Closing Bell. "Sorry for breaking your privacy" VP Rohit Sethi is interviewed by Kevin O'Leary on CBC News about the recent Facebook hack VP Rohit Sethi at Security Compass comments on the latest Facebook attack – What if it wasn’t an ethical hacker? Principal Consultant Subu Ramanathan explains the groundbreaking solution needed to eradicate CSRF VP Rohit Sethi is textd in Credit Union Times article: Can HTTPS Still be Trusted CEO Nish Bhalla discusses the hacking conference and why no smartphone is safe from being hacked. CEO Nish Bhalla Explains why no Smartphone is Safe From Being Hacked VP Rohit Sethi textd on Fox Business: No Business Is Too Small for Hackers CEO Nish Bhalla talks about Quantum Dawn 2: Stress Test for Banks' Cyber-Attack Defence Managing Director Sahba Kazerooni talks about How Quantum Dawn 2 Works CEO Nish Bhalla talks about Quantum Dawn 2: Banks Versus Hackers VP Rohit Sethi explains how to protect yourself from malicious smartphone apps Principal Consultant Subu Ramanathan talks about why CSRF is Still Armed and Dangerous VP Rohit Sethi talks about Risks with Androids VP Rohit Sethi Discusses why it is not time to Give up on Java CEO Nish Bhalla talks about Cyber Attacks Targeting the Oil Market. 5 Safeguards From Watering Hole Attacks by VP Rohit Sethi VP Rohit Sethi talks about 8 ways you could get hacked during summer vacation. Managing Director Sahba Kazerooni discusses protecting your identity while on vacation. VP Rohit Sethi talks about the Golden Age of Cyber Fraud CEO Nish Bhalla featured in a CNN article; How I 'stole' $14 million from a bank; A security tester's tale CEO Nish Bhalla textd in Business Courier Threatened cyberattacks on banks doesn't materialize... CEO Nish Bhalla textd in Infosec Island 'Why Are We Failing at Software Security?' CEO Nish Bhalla textd in Chain Store Age 'Six Most Common Mobile App Security Mistakes.' CEO Nish Bhalla textd in Dark Reading 'Taking Steps to Stop Software Sabotage.' CEO Nish Bhalla textd in FOX Business 'Smartphones and Cyber Insecurity.' Rohit Sethi textd in a CNN article 'Your Antivirus Software Probably Won't Prevent a Cyberattack.' Subu Ramanthan trained students at COUNTERMEASURE 2012 Rohit Sethi and Ehsan Foroughi spoke at OWASP Boston Application Security Conference 2012. Rohit Sethi spoke at OWASP Cincinnati Yuk Fai Chan spoke at Rochester Security Summit. Chris Faciana and Nishchal Bhalla attended Crimes Task Force. Chris Faciana and Linda Cadigan attended BlackHat USA 2012 Rohit Sethi and Sahba Kazerooni spoke at the Security Development Conference 2012 Rohit Sethi spoke at OWASP DC May Meeting. 'Is There An End to Testing Ourselves Secure?' Rohit Sethi Appears on Fox News to discuss the risk of cybercrime when dealing with mobile payments. Takeaki Chijiiwa textd in a Security News Daily article: How Cybercriminals Empty Your Online Bank Account.

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