Steven Westenzeig

Senior Vice-President, Engineering
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Steven Westenzweig
In his senior year of university, Steve once lamented to his advisor that he had no desire to write code upon graduation. However, fast forward and discover that over the past 18 years Steve has made software development a passion of his, gaining experience across numerous industries such as telecom, fintech, integrated circuit design, nuclear waste treatment, and retail. Leveraging his innate abilities as a thought provoking strategist, he took on high profile opportunities to solve problems, deliver software, and better organizations through transformational leadership. Prior to joining Security Compass, Steve oversaw Order Management and Fulfillment at Loblaw Digital, leading the architecture, development, and migration of the internal systems that support PC Express.


Upon joining Security Compass as VP of Engineering in 2022, Steve has been keenly focused on evolving processes, architecture, and Security Compass’s approach to more capably meet the challenges of today while preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow. With Steve’s unique leadership abilities guiding us to be a truly world-class engineering organization, we believe Security Compass can help build a world where we can trust technology.


Outside of his professional persona, you can often find Steve skating with his kids, exploring trails of the Niagara Escarpment, or sailing Hamilton Harbour and Lake Ontario.