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Web Application Security Assessments for a Financial Services Company

A financial services Client sought Security Compass’s expertise to assess and validate the security of several public-facing web applications used by their customers with the goal of minimizing risk of exposure.
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Ensuring web application security
Financial Services

Practice Areas
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Source Code Review

Our Client’s Challenge:

  • Web application attacks are one of the top security incidents that result in data breaches as they can lead to data compromise and reputational damage. Ensuring that numerous business critical web applications did not contain high risk vulnerabilities was important for reducing the risk to our Client’s customers.

Our Approach:

  • Security Compass performed deep-dive penetration tests against a number of business critical web applications. Our white-box testing approach included the use of automated scanning tools, results triage, manual verification and exploitation with access to source code.
  • Through automated scans, we were able to identify surface-level vulnerabilities. Manual penetration testing efforts would focus on business logic vulnerabilities that are not as easily discovered through automated tools.
  • Finally, white-box visibility through manual source code review, allowed for identification and remediation of complex, hidden vulnerabilities within each web application.

The Result:

  • Across the profile of assessed web applications, Security Compass was able to identify high risk vulnerabilities and offer remediation strategies to reduce risk exposure for the Client through public-facing web applications.
As a result of deep-dive web application assessments, our Client was able to continue marketing the public-facing web applications with confidence, enhancing the digital experience and validating security for their customers.

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