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What Is Balanced Development Automation?

How Does It Work?

It's simple — by automating key portions of proactive security processes organizations can accelerate software releases and improve product security. SD Elements is the world’s first Balanced Development Automation platform.

  • Before development

    Assists security and development teams by rapidly identifying risks and profiling security and compliance requirements for all applications.

  • During development

    Enables the seamless delivery of security and compliance instructions that can be implemented right away by developers.

  • After development

    Provides risk-exposure snapshot about what was implemented and what wasn’t through automatically-generated reports to business leaders.

Key Benefits of BDA

  • Accelerates time to market

    Significantly reduces the time taken for proactive security processes, such as threat modeling, which expedites the development process and drives a faster time to market.

  • Saves operational and remediation costs

    Through automation, BDA helps organizations save operational costs as security experts can focus on high-risk applications. By identifying and addressing risks earlier, remediation costs are significantly reduced.

  • Strengthens product safety

    Security is built into all applications from the beginning which significantly reduces vulnerabilities. Organizations can also get real-time traceability of security controls that have been implemented.

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