How can you build software safely from the start and improve time to market?

Welcome to Balanced Development Automation (BDA).

The Devops Dilemma

The essential, scalable solution for every DevOps process dilemma: Balanced Development Automation (BDA).

With BDA — you no longer have to choose between fast and risky, or slow and safe.


Designed to automate your risk and compliance requirements, BDA ensures you can develop secure code as quickly as possible, without compromising on safety.

BDA Benefits

What are the benefits of this approach?

With BDA, you can:

Accelerate time to market

Reduce manual security processes

Save high operational costs

Spot risks earlier and minimize remediation costs

Improve product safety

How it Works

Does your DevOps team ever struggle with With time-consuming security and With compliance processes?

They’re manual, inconsistent, siloed, and expensive — but they also help mitigate risk.

The Fast and Risky approach uses reactive processes like code scanning, penetration testing, and compliance audits to find vulnerabilities after development is complete. Sure, this approach allows you to get to market quickly, but leaves you in an indefensible position in the event of a breach.

On the other hand, a Slow and Safe approach involving processes like threat modeling and risk assessments often takes weeks to complete, slowing down your business and compromising time to market.

With BDA, it’s no longer a choice you have to make.

By automating key portions of the proactive security processes involved in risk assessment, threat modeling, and secure development, you can accelerate software releases and improve product security — all at the same time.


BDA Application

When can I use BDA?

Before Development

Rapidly identify risks, profile security and compliance requirements for all applications before getting started.

During Development

Immediately implement security and compliance instructions that are delivered straight to your team.

After Development

Instantly generate reports for a snapshot of current risk exposure, helping you spot areas to be addressed.
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SD Elements, your solution to navigating risk without sacrificing speed, leverages BDA to automate the things that slow you down.

Whether you’re looking for risk assessment, threat modeling, or secure development tools, BDA is what makes it all possible.


Contact our team to find out how SD Elements can help you mitigate risk now.

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Not sure if now is the right time to refine and automate your DevSecOps processes?

Wherever you are in your enterprise journey, threat is a constant concern – and it’s only getting worse.