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Enterprise Penetration Testing

As your business grows and implements cutting-edge technologies, choosing a partner with experience integrating penetration testing services helps you minimize your exposure.
You need a partner with industry-leading security expertise that can present their findings in a clear, actionable, and thorough way.

Security Compass understands. With our in-depth penetration testing programs, extensive expertise, professional reporting, and customizable approach, we are your partner in enterprise security.

Streamline Your Operations with a Penetration Testing Program

  • Lead

  • Decrease

  • Manage

  • Empower

Our Approach, Tailored to Your Business

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Exploitation

  • Individualized Understanding

  • Meaningful Partnership

Full-Service Enterprise Penetration Testing

With expertise across a variety of assessment types, we test every aspect of your defenses and identify vulnerabilities across your entire organization. Our consultants executed over 77,000 hours of assessment work in 2019, making Security Compass one of the largest and strongest teams of experts in the security business.

Explore how we can help solve your organization’s security challenges.

Penetration Testing Datasheet