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Enterprise Penetration Testing

As your business grows and implements cutting-edge technologies, choosing a partner with experience integrating penetration testing services helps you minimize your exposure.
You need a partner with industry-leading security expertise that can present their findings in a clear, actionable, and thorough way.

Security Compass understands. With our in-depth penetration testing programs, extensive expertise, professional reporting, and customizable approach, we are your partner in enterprise security.

Streamline Your Operations with a Penetration Testing Program

Choosing the right partner for enterprise penetration testing is about more than just identifying technical vulnerabilities in your environment. Partnering with Security Compass for a security program helps your business:

  • Lead

    your asset intake and socialize the initiative to stakeholders. A penetration test can create uncertainty, but we’ll work with you to drive the right message, address any concerns, and get everyone on the same page.

  • Decrease

    your operating expenditure per engagement. The value of strong project management and professional services to overlay technical expertise is high, but so is the cost. Bundling these essentials into an overall program will save you money.

  • Manage

    remediation to address identified vulnerabilities. Our enterprise program helps you prioritize remediation according to your business risk, track progress, and verify that fixes have been implemented.

  • Empower

    both technical and compliance decision making with data and analytics. You want to see the forest from the trees, and we’ll work with you to develop the narrative that summarizes the data and paints the full picture.

Our Approach, Tailored to Your Business

In all of our enterprise penetration testing offerings, Security Compass combines expert technical skill with an approach deeply customized to your infrastructure and concerns.

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Exploitation

    We don't just perform surface-level assessments based on vulnerability scanning. We use our deep expertise to simulate real-life attacks to find and exploit vulnerabilities. What others might call “red teaming” is a standard part of our penetration testing protocol.

  • Individualized Understanding

    We begin every engagement by taking the time to understand your business and your infrastructure. Based on your unique profile, we customize our threat modeling, test assets using automated and manual techniques, discover vulnerabilities and walk you through their business impact, provide guidance on remediation, and deliver comprehensive reporting and metrics to track improvements.

  • Meaningful Partnership

    We don’t provide a generic service. We become an extension of your team and work together to achieve your goals. We work within the boundaries of your processes and policies to minimize disruption and maximize collaboration. From there, we customize our assessments according to your specific requirements, technology, compliance frameworks, and processes.

Full-Service Enterprise Penetration Testing

With expertise across a variety of assessment types, we test every aspect of your defenses and identify vulnerabilities across your entire organization. Our consultants executed over 77,000 hours of assessment work in 2019, making Security Compass one of the largest and strongest teams of experts in the security business.

Explore how we can help solve your organization’s security challenges.

Penetration Testing Datasheet