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Red Team Services

In the real world, you don’t know when your business will be attacked, what will be attacked, or how.

The long-term value of a red teaming engagement comes from choosing an attack simulation partner who understands your business, your security, and your regulatory concerns while executing the engagement in a context that drives strategic business decisions.

The Security Compass team helps you improve your ability to defend against, and respond to, attacks that put your operations, data, and reputation at risk.

Strengthen Your Defenses With the Full Picture

Our approach to red teaming gives you a clear, real-world view of your business’s security posture and steps to strategically move forward for the strongest immediate impact.

  • Gather

    intelligence from the outside world to assess your business’s external-facing risk.

  • Assess

    how processes, technical controls, and work culture can be better designed to protect against the exploitation of people.

  • Identify

    internal threats to your business by simulating the rogue insider or the infiltration by an outsider.

  • Measure

    your effectiveness across the entire attack and defense surface to better inform strategic decision making, and communicate those metrics to stakeholders and executives.

More than Attack Simulation: Adaptability, Clarity, and Support

Security Compass’s red teaming process is built from the ground up to give you a clear view of your business’s security posture and provide information you can act on with confidence.

  • Tailored Terms of Engagement

    Our red teaming services adapt to your business needs and your level of security maturity. From OSINT (open source intelligence) gathering, to network reconnaissance, to custom social engineering and phishing campaigns, we test the effectiveness of your controls by simulating both internal and external threat actors across different attack domains.

  • Comprehensive, Actionable Findings

    Our adversarial simulation follows MITRE’s Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) framework. From initial access and execution all the way through exfiltration and command-and-control, we cover the entire attack chain. The goal is to provide a measurable effectiveness rating across the entire attack and defense surfaces to better inform strategic decision making.

  • Ongoing Collaborative Support

    We partner with you to develop and execute a strategy that is aligned with natural business cycles and evolving needs. The program can include Red Team, Social Engineering, Phishing, Penetration Testing, Purple Team, and other offensive security activities based on an evolving security strategy. We also provide support for strategic and tactical remediation and mitigation, so you can prevent and respond to real-world attacks in a way that reduces risk in the long term.

Explore how we can help solve your organization’s security challenges.

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