Struggling to help developers code securely?

We’ve curated a number of resources to demonstrate how AppSec training can help improve security awareness &  secure coding skills.  

First things first, who is Security Compass?

 Security Compass is a trusted eLearning solutions provider, offering a full suite of role-based, (ISC)² certified courses that cover various programming languages, cloud solutions, and IaC tools, all while demystifying regulatory requirements.

Developers aren't
trained to secure code

1 %
of developers

Have to look up security-related topics regularly – once or twice a week (54%) or daily (21%). 

Days per year

Is the average amount of time spent annually on application security learning. That number is slightly less for for Dev team managers

1 %
of developers

State that implementing new code to satisfy security requirements is the most costly and time consuming activity

Challenges differ, depending on the size & security maturity

Facing different challenges than your peers when building or maturing a software security program?  That’s OK. To be successful, a security program must fit the needs, and capabilities, of the organization. 


Use our guide to assess your security maturity, see where you are currently and get ideas on how to drive towards a more mature security program.

“Embedded, interactive learning coupled with cyber certifications makes the job easier for professionals directly involved in application development. Further, it helps those certified help others, and contributes to the credibility of the brands they represent."

Rohit Sethi, CEO, Security Compass  

Securing your SDLC
is far from easy

What is the best way to inject security throughout your SDLC and can AppSec training help? To answer these questions, we invited an awesome panel of security experts from Reddit, Royal Bank of Canada, Tricentis & Western Digital. 

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Friction between teams makes it harder

Historically, security teams are perceived by developers as a blocker to getting software to market. Security teams, on the other hand, argue that developers don’t listen.


 Altaz Valani our Director of Insights Research stresses that we must overcome these cultural differences in order to achieve  a world where software is more secure.

Developers are overburdened

Listen to Pranshu Bajpai, Security Architect at Motorola Solutions, explain how security teams can use AppSec training to influence developers without getting in their way.

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Train developers to secure code from the start

“Our goal is to improve the security of our products, ensuring the safety of our customers and community. We've partnered with Security Compass to help us achieve that goal."

Security Business Operations Leader, Multinational Software Company

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