Improve secure coding skills with AppSec training

Learn how you can use AppSec training to boost security programs, build a competitive advantage, and meet compliance.   

First thing first, why do we know so much?

Research is critical to our mission at Security Compass. We actively engage and foster debate both inside and outside the security community to discuss critical issues that either face us today or will soon emerge. 


Treat training as a process


The idea is simple. Training developers on secure coding practices will reduce vulnerabilities. When done correctly, everyone wins. Developers improve their skills while eliminating unexpected security rework and customers gain confidence in their supply chain. In practice, many organizations miss the benefits by treating training as an event instead of a process.

“We’re progressing toward transforming automotive mobility and delivering secure applications for an enhanced driving experience. With Security Compass’ Application Security Training, we achieved our goal of delivering security training and creating a baseline security knowledge base for our developers.”

Gerald Chang, Cyber Security Analyst and

Learning Program Manager, CARIAD, Inc.

Train developers to secure code from the start

When security vulnerabilities surface after code is tested, it’s almost too late in the cycle.  Developer-centric training can enable overwhelmed developers to defend against security threats from the start.   Learn how  (1.3 min video)


AppSec training enables secure automated driving applications


Read how Cariad, Inc. armed developers with security knowledge to build and ship secure solutions for Volkswagen Automobile Group.  


As a result of selecting Application Security Training by Security Compass they were able to achieve:

  • 100% adoption of the curriculum across 4 learner groups
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved security posture & ensured compliance

Influence, don't preach

Listen to Mark Timms, Behavioral Scientist in Cybersecurity, caution against preaching security. To influence developers, champions need to be empathetic,  identify what’s happening and weave in security while keeping the system’s limitations in mind.


Build a competitive advantage with accreditation


The benefits of accreditation to individuals are obvious. Accreditation provides evidence of expertise.  Accredited developers demonstrate a commitment to secure development. This can provide organizations with a competitive advantage with customers concerned with supply chain security.

Train developers to secure code & meet compliance

“Our goal is to improve the security of our products, ensuring the safety of our customers and community. We've partnered with Security Compass to help us achieve that goal."

Security Business Operations Leader, Multinational Software Company

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