Move from PA-DSS to PCI-SSF Now.

Reduce software security risks. Meet PCI compliance standards.

With SD Elements, your security and development teams can create an automated, proactive development process that identifies vulnerabilities and compliance gaps. This reduces remediation costs and speeds up compliance validation.

The SD Elements Advantage for Organizations Developing Payment Applications

Reduce software security risks and meet compliance standards

SD Elements reduces remediation costs and speeds up the PCI Secure Software Lifecycle (Secure SLC) and Secure Software Standard (S3) compliance validation.

Reduce time to market and enhance value

Developing applications securely the first time reduces the software development lifecycle. Addressing security and compliance properly at the start also frees upcycles to enhance application functionality – instead of retroactively addressing security issues.

Efficiency and scalability for multiple applications

Adhering to the PCI Secure SLC standard enables the development of multiple payment applications that can meet the PCI S3 standard faster. When applications need renewal, SLC-certified vendors can also do these renewals internally, saving time and re-validation costs.

Use SD Elements to integrate PCI Secure SLC and S3 compliance requirements into your software development practices from the start.

Automate Compliance Management

PCI standards are continually evolving. Starting June 2021, organizations that develop payment software must transition from the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), which is a network-based framework, to the new PCI Software Security Framework (SSF).

Build Compliance into Roadmaps

October 2022, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) v3.2 expires, and will be replaced by the (SSF. Organizations that process payments must meet this new standard to demonstrate compliance, ensure secure operations, and avoid fines.

Scale Security Cost-Effectively

When the time comes, organizations need to have an optimized assessment process for PCI. Prepare today. Expect higher costs if you don’t.

Go Fast, Stay Safe

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So, what are you waiting for? Let SD Elements provide you with consistency in the process towards meeting PCI-SFF compliance.

Reduce software security risks. Meet PCI compliance standards.

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