Penetration Testing Promotion


  1. Promotion and Promotion Period
    1. This promotion offers 25% off Security Compass’ current standard price on all “Penetration Testing Services” in the client’s local currency (exclusive of any applicable taxes).
      1. For the purposes of this promotion, “Penetration Testing Services” only include the following services:"
        1. Web Application Penetration Test
        2. Mobile Application Penetration Test
        3. Desktop Application Penetration Test
        4. Point-of- Sale Application Penetration Test
        5. Network Security Penetration Test
        6. Wireless Security Penetration Test “Penetration Testing Services” may include other services offered by Security Compass on a case-by- case basis at its sole discretion. Please enquire for more details.
      2. This promotion applies only to deals signed after 12:00 AM (Eastern Time) June 7th, 2017, and which have all work within the Statement of Work completed by Security Compass on or before 12:00 AM (Eastern Time) September 30th, 2017.
      3. Eligibility
        1. To be eligible for this promotion, clients must be:
          1. new clients to Security Compass; or
          2. new clients to Advisory who may have been previous clients of Security Compass but only purchased products from SD Elements or Training, who are signing their first engagement with Security Compass or Advisory (as the case may be).
          3. The promotion applies to deals of any size.
      4. General
        1. The terms contained in this document apply to all deals signed under this promotion and, together with any applicable terms and conditions in a Statement of Work, form a legal agreement between the client and Security Compass (“Terms”). Security Compass reserves the right to cancel or modify the Terms at any time, at Security Compass’ sole discretion. By participating in any promotion, the client indicates it accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms.