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Cloud Computing: Enterprise Cloud Security for Your Critical Data

Proactively minimizing risks in the deployment and operation of cloud services.

Cloud deployments require you to think differently about security. Successful cloud security is possible through mitigating cloud-related risks, implementing organizational policies, and meeting regulatory standards. For a tool to streamline this process, request more information on SD Elements. It anticipates threats and provides development, security, and operations teams with actionable tasks to mitigate risk. This means that security testing is validated and that prescribed controls were implemented correctly for a secure cloud asset. You will no longer rely on testing as a primary vulnerability discovery activity.

Cloud deployments require you to think differently about security. SD Elements ensures that cloud-specific risks, organizational policies, and regulatory standards are met and validated.

Cloud security and data migration leveraging SD Elements enables:

  • Efficiency at Scale

  • Achieve ZeroTrust

  • Automate Security to Stay Competitive

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