Increase adoption and maximize the long-term benefits of SD Elements with expert support

Leverage the expertise of our DevSecOps team to ensure rapid time to value and adoption across your organization.


Helping you deploy faster

Our DevSecOps team helps you to deploy SD Elements quickly and efficiently by leveraging our Enterprise Delivery Services (EDS) methodology.

Implementing critical software platforms involves configuration, integration, and change planning.

When you have releases to manage, projects to collaborate on, and testing to complete, it can be hard to find the time to fully understand and onboard a new solution.


Your time and resources are valuable. Let our experienced consultants help you seamlessly integrate SD Elements with your DevOps toolchain and obtain the stakeholder buy-in you need to be successful.


Tailored support for your business

Our DevSecOps (DSO) team offers custom guidance for your company, helping you to embed best practices, quickly demonstrate value, and ensure adoption throughout your organization.

Defining goals, aligning priorities

Collaborating closely with your team, our experts work to understand your business objectives and priorities.


We carefully analyze the current state of your security culture, your future goals, your technology portfolio, your regulatory requirements, and more to help you prioritize your most urgent, important activities.


Obtaining stakeholder buy-in

It’s no secret that successful planning requires clear roles and responsibilities — but sometimes these aren’t well defined.


We work closely with your implementation team and executive sponsors to establish metrics — from KPIs to OKRs — to help you effectively measure and manage your success.

This improves stakeholder buy-in and makes your reporting more impactful and effective.


Simplifying installation, configuration, and integration

When installing and configuring SD Elements with your team, we leverage our expertise and best practices to make your deployment experience as smooth as possible.


During configuration, we also support you in seamlessly integrating SD Elements with existing issue tracking systems like Jira, and security testing tools like Checkmarx, Fortify, and Veracode.


Leveraging our customizable content library

Did you know that our content library contains secure coding and deployment requirements for numerous global regulatory standards?


Not only is this information regularly updated as requirements change, we also help you add your own controls or policies to SD Elements.


We also cover the application of decision rules and project survey configuration.


Product training and application onboarding

The DevSecOps team uses our proven Enterprise Delivery Services methodology which includes configurable training for SD Elements administrators and project administrators.


We work closely with your implementation team to onboard a set of initial applications or projects for your success.


Dedicated, long-term support

Your long-term success is our goal.


To drive adoption, share roll-out best practices, and ensure you’re meeting your success metrics, a dedicated Customer Success Manager works with you to provide guidance and support.

What difference could our Enterprise Delivery Services make for your business?

In the last 12 months, 80% of our clients were able to maximize the benefits of SD Elements within 90 days or less.

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