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Our platform offers just-in-time secure coding training modules specific to your technology stack and deployment environment.

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Why just-in-time developer training?

Traditional learning techniques are not as effective when it comes to retaining knowledge — the average attention span of humans today is eight seconds. When developers get relevant just-in-time training while writing code, it ensures maximum retention — because they can implement their security knowledge right away.

What’s so special about our training framework?

By introducing security early-on, you will not only save the remediation cost of security flaws later but also build a healthy security culture across your organization.

  • Integrated into workflow

    Developers can receive the training modules on their issue tracking systems where they can learn while completing their regular tasks.

  • Engaging content

    Developers learn from bite-sized, engaging videos with graphics designed to engage learners and maximize retention.

  • Relevant to tasks

    Each training module offers content related to the task at hand to maximize the valuable time of developers.

  • Up-to-date content

    Only the most updated content is offered that includes modules for new threats and vulnerabilities.

Want to learn more about how developers can benefit from just-in-time training?

We also offer software security e-learning courses that people can take at their own pace.

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