SDELEMENTS Product Features
Automated Threat Modeling Tool, Web Application Security Check, Continuous Integration

SD Elements’ product features include automated threat modeling, application security requirements check lists, and continuous integration. Our flexible Application Security Requirements and Threat Management (ASRTM) platform is now available in three different versions suitable for a wide variety of development teams, while offering new enterprise-level integration and customization capability. Find out more about how SDElements works and FAQs.


Entry Level

SD Elements Express is a fast and lean version for smaller teams getting started with application security, and is offered as a Shared Cloud SaaS.

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Essential Security

SD Elements Professional supports larger teams, and is offered as a dedicated server SaaS, with many of the most popular features. Advanced developer training integration is also available.

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SD Elements Enterprise provides extensive integration and customization capability for a virtually unlimited number of developers. This version is offered as a dedicated server SaaS, and an On-Premises option is also available.*

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* On-Premises deployment option carries an additional cost for support.

Feature Comparison

Deployment OptionsShared Cloud SaaS
  • Automatic updates to the latest version
Dedicated Server SaaS
  • Includes early access sandbox instance
Dedicated Server SaaS
On-premises available
  • Includes staging server
  • Includes an early access sandbox instance
  • Custom domain support available
  • RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu supported
Requirements/Tasks Database
Custom Requirements
Smart Project Profiling and Contextual Requirements Generation
Basic ALM Integrations
Advanced ALM Integrations
Code Scanning Integration
Advanced Code Scanning Integration
Bulk import and export of both custom and included content libraries.
Fine-Grain Permission System
SAML Single Sign On (SSO)
LDAP and HTTP-Auth Single Sign On (SSO)
Corporate Localization
Business Unit Support
Advanced Training Integration
Custom Plug-In Framework *
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom APIs
  • Project Creation Integration
* Note: Custom features may carry an additional fee for support, depending on the complexity of the environment and amount of work required.
** Product tier definitions are subject to change without notice.

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