SecureMe is a free security scanner that notifies the user of publicly known vulnerabilities found in the installed version of apps on the device.

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How It Works

SecureMe Droid is a free security application for Android devices that scans newly installed or updated apps for known vulnerabilities. It gathers data from the installed or updated application and sends it to the SecureMe server where it checks for publicly known vulnerabilities using pre-gathered data from NVD database.

Using SecureMe Droid is easy! Click the numbers to learn more about how it works.

Application Manager

Application manager interface of SecureMe showing all installed apps. Every entry in the list shows "Application Name", "Application Icon" and "Package Name".

About SecureMe

Clicking the "About" icon shows a window describing what SecureMe app does. For more details click "Know More" to visit the SecureMe webpage.

Note: SecureMe does not collect or send any personal information. It accesses only Application Name, Package Name, Version Name and Version Code of the apps installed.

Settings Preferences

Clicking the wrench icon in SecureMe opens upon the settings/preferences of the app. It allows the user to customize it in three ways:

  1. Notify when app is installed/updated
  2. Search depth
  3. Show detailed app info
  4. Scheduled Scan

Search Depth

Search Depth feature of SecureMe allows user to choose how deep the check for vulnerabilities should be. It gives 6 options to choose from:

Low: Check the most recent year of database only.
Normal: Check 2 most recent years of database.
Medium: Check 3 most recent years of database (default setting).
High: Check 4 most recent years of database.
Intense: Check 5 most recent years of database.


After a scan is completed, SecureMe Droid will display the scan results for the selected app(s).

The notification will give the user the option to uninstall or keep the app(s). It will also provide the user with a link to the selected app's Play Store page to check for updates.

Auto Alerts

Notify when an app is installed/updated feature of SecureMe allows the app to search for vulnerabilities in newly installed or updated apps. SecureMe checks app installation from Google Play Store, APK install or any Third party installer.

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THE SMD Architecture

SecureMe @ AppSec USA 2015

Watch Abhineet Jayaraj and Vishal Asthana presentSecureMe Droid at AppSec USA 2015

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Download Details

MD5: 50FECC711536302C77A699E33234DFD9

SHA256: 4ECCA2630EFC09C87EB7CF6B4109C270F9CD5673B4EE1BFAEC24752FF40CA125

Note: Enable "Install from Unknown Sources"
( Settings > Security > Unknown Sources ) for installation.

Latest Updates

SecureMe v2.1 released
SecureMe v2.0 released
SecureMe website updated (content, images and video)
SecureMe v1.1 minor bug fixes and user-interface changes
SecureMe v1.0 released

SecureMe v2.1 Changelog:
  1. Enhanced UI
  2. Bug-fixes
SecureMe v2.0 Changelog:
  1. Multiple app scanning feature added
  2. Scheduled Scan setting added
  3. New User Interface
  4. Minor bug-fixes
SecureMe v1.1 Changelog:
  1. HTTPS communication between client & server.
  2. "Know More" opens SecureMe website.
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