Top 10 Security Principles for Business

Do you have these essentials covered? Security Compass can help you make sure.

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Do you know what’s happening in your network as it's happening? In the event of a security incident, are you able to trace the intrusion to its source?

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Regular Audits

Is your security program effective? Is your security policy being enforced?

picture for Patch Management

Patch Management

Are your applications and operating systems up-to-date? Is this process automated?

picture for Least Privilege

Least Privilege

Do you limit the use of administrator accounts? Do you track account privileges and access across your enterprise?

picture for Physical Security

Physical Security

Are there any deterrents to on-site physical attacks, or are your doors wide open? Is your server room safe from a rogue USB device?

picture for Network Segregation

Network Segregation

Do you have separate corporate and guest networks? Are your production servers on the same network as all your employees?

picture for Security Policy

Security Policy

Some regulations require this, but it also protects you in the case of data loss and litigation. Do your employees know what they can and cannot do on your network?

picture for Regular Offsite Backups

Regular Offsite Backups

Are your critical assets backed-up and stored away from your corporate building? Are backups automated? How frequent are you backing your data up?

picture for Training


Do your employees know enough to protect your company from phishing or social engineering attacks? Do your developers know how to write secure code?

picture for Client-Side Security Controls

Client-Side Security Controls

Do you have up-to-date antivirus on all employee computers? Are you using imaging software like Faronics' Deep Freeze?

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