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Secure Your Software with Automated Threat Modeling via SD Elements

Quick, Scalable, and Secure

SD Elements is a Software SecurityRequirements Management platform that
includes automated threat modeling capabilities.

With SD Elements, development teams and security professionals can generate comprehensive threat profiles by answering a short 15-30 minute questionnaire about the application. Detailed countermeasures are then compiled from our expert security content database and automated throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

SD Elements allows organizations to stay up-to-date with emerging threats. After an application is modeled in SD Elements, continuous updates about new vulnerabilities, compliance standards, and defenses are delivered into development process.

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Learn more about how Automated Threat Modeling in SD Elements compares to traditional manual threat modeling! Download the infographic

Receive a sample threat model output from SD Elements!

Available samples include:

  • Java EE Web Application
  • .NET Web Application
  • Android Mobile Application

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