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Discover how to reduce the costs of security vulnerabilities throughout all phases of the software development lifecycle.

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Together, Security Compass and (ISC)2 — the global, non-profit leader in the education and certification for InfoSec professionals — have combined their experience to deliver (ISC)2's CSSLP curriculum by eLearning. This alliance is committed to providing the most current, remarkably tailored and highly accessible security education. Students have the ability to schedule exams in advance or on a date selected by you, as seen here: http://www.pearsonvue.com/isc2/

  • an animated image of a buffer overflow attack in progress
  • an animated image of the supply chain process with steps and where risks can happen
  • an animated image of an abstract map of the world with images of people and locations where risks can happen
  • an animated image of a message thread with someone asking a question and several people answering them
  • an animated image of different software development methodologies visually represented
  • an animated image of things that can be threat modeled: software, components, third party systems

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We make it easy for you to achieve your software security learning goals. Our eLearning classes are now conveniently accessible on your iPad.

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Course Advantages

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(ISC)² Alliance

Security Compass and (ISC)² are working together to promote cybersecurity education. We believe that through learning, empowered professionals will initiate positive outcomes in the cyber world as a result of increased security awareness.

Learn at your own pace

We provide a flexible program that's designed to help you succeed. Supplement your learning with practice quizzes, tutorial voice-overs and custom content that addresses the risks of building modern day applications. Whatever your learning style, our robust course allows you to have jurisdiction over your education.

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Modern Training

We apply first-hand knowledge gained from years of security experience to our eLearning methodology that is built upon proven customer success. Security Compass has a natural symbiosis of its training division and security assessment business, and it's why we remain up-to-date with the most current knowledge.

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