Frequently Asked Questions

how do i access the course?

Our courses are accessible online in the cloud. We support all modern browsers and you or your students will be provided with an account to learn at their own pace.

how do i pay?

It depends, on the size of the order but we accept all major credit cards and for Enterprise deals provide invoicing options.

are there any hidden fees?

Nope. Our out of the box solution contains everything you need to get started with Security Training. We also offer a great curriculum of courses should you require additional training.

how long does the training take?

Our content tailors to the student’s needs so it can be as quick as 5-10 minutes. The training is very modular with each topic broken into a quick 10 minute module so students can learn when they have spare time and get back to their job.

does the course contain quizzes?

Yes, we create a pre-assessment, post-assessment quiz to measure learning improvement and have short quizzes within each module to demonstrate learning retention.

what is the free owasp top 10 demo?

We provide a free no-risk demo so that you can experience what our courses have to offer and the unique nature in which we teach Security to your teams. You can sign up today to get access. Try it for free!

am i eligible for any discounts?

We offer discounts on multi-year licenses. You can ask us for more information about that.

is there a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Once you pass the course, we provide the option to print out a certificate indicating your successful completion. Congrats!

does the course contain written narration?

Yes, the course contains written narration that helps describe key points and summarize the important learning goals of the slide.

can students skip between sections?

Yes, our default configuration allows this but it is configurable for enterprise deployments if desired.

Interested in Training? Contact our sales team for a demonstration.