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Developers and security practitioners absolutely enjoy learning from our training suite. Here’s why!

  • Competitive

  • Targeted

  • Practical

  • Flexible

  • Progress

Our library of training courses is all-encompassing and always growing. See the courses below.

For more course offerings, see our course catalogue.

Course Catalogue

The Software Security Practitioner Suite is a series of courses that teach foundational elements of software security and language-specific secure coding. Each SSP Suite provides learners with the best-in-class capability to design, secure, and defend against common vulnerabilities in applications. After completing a suite, learners can check their knowledge by passing an exam.

Who can take this training: Software developers, software architects, project managers, QA engineers, and a variety of other roles in the development team.

Certification: Learners are awarded a certificate of completion by Security Compass and (ISC)2.