5 Ways to Fail AppSec training

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AppSec training pitfalls you want to avoid! Join us to learn how successful organizations train their teams to protect applications and build secure software by design.


Robin Basham 


EnterpriseGRC Solutions


Tony Carrato

Consulting Architect and Board Advisor


Ayhan Tik

VP of Information Security

Cyber Electra

Rob Cuddy 

AppSec Evangelist

HCL Technologies

Altaz Valani 

Director Insights Research 

Security Compass 

What to expect:

An exciting discussion! No boring presentations here. There will be five security experts joining us to lead the conversation, explain their opinions, and share their experiences. 

What you will learn:

 5 common mistakes organizations make in application security training: 

  • Relying solely on training to create a culture of security 
  • Mandating training instead of influencing developers
  • Training teams on everything and anything
  • Treating training as a one-time-event
  • Leaving out accreditation 

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