Modernizing Risk Assessment to Support Your Business DevOps

With agile & DevOps initiatives taking place in many organizations today, risk assessment processes need to be modernized in order to support the business in managing security risk in a timely, efficient, and traceable manner.

Typically, a formal risk assessment process takes several weeks to complete. Risk advisory and/or security architecture teams send questionnaires in document format to business teams to gather information to assess risk on programs and projects. Business teams then fill out these questionnaires and send them back to the surveying team, who then identifies risk items. The process is especially challenging for software assets, where most organizations simply lack depth of expertise.

This slow, manual process of collecting, processing, and collaborating on project risk data – reliant on scarce security experts – does not scale fast enough.

In this webinar, explore:

-Challenges of traditional risk assessment
-Frameworks for agile and automated risk assessment
-Benefits of modernized risk assessment activities