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A Developer-Centric Approach to Software Security

Building security into software applications is a challenging yet vital aspect of application and product design.

We understand that there are a plethora of challenges facing teams when it comes to implementing security into the design process.

To support you in overcoming these challenges, we have curated the following resources.

Developer Centric Hub
2022 Developer Perspectives on Application Security

An interactive e-book that provides a comprehensive view of current developer views, including the challenges and opportunities they face in their secure development efforts.


Deep dive into issues of security maturity, threats, release states, gatekeeping, requirements, tools, resources, and training in this 5-minute-read.

Developer Centric Hub
Developer views on
Application Security
42% of developers who have been assigned requirements
related to security and compliance find it challenging to stay up
to date with current security and compliance-related activities.
Developer Centric Hub
Developer Centric Hub


With Just-in-Time Training, we deliver knowledge, guidance, and support exactly when and where you need it.

As attention spans decrease, and information increases, traditional learning techniques won’t effectively serve your team.


Retaining knowledge is the goal of all training – and getting relevant information at the right time makes all the difference.


While writing code, we help your team maximize retention by using what they’ve learned right away.

Rohit Sethi
Rohit SethiCEO of Security Compass
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“When building secure software, developers must be system thinkers. Ideally, they engage secure methods early in the design process, engage with key security personnel and stakeholders and insist on automated cybersecurity tools that efficiently guide them throughout the SDLC.”

Need to integrate security into software development without delays, compromise, or friction?

Benefits of Just-In-Time Training

Increased accuracy - fewer vulnerabilities
Training is provided right at the time a developer needs it, hence coding errors can be significantly reduced.

Current Information
The smaller pieces of training information can be more easily revised than an entire course.

Engaged Learners
Self motivation makes for engaged learners - seeing immediate results drives developers to learn and execute!
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