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Automate Secure Development

Automatically translate design, development and testing guidelines into actionable and enforceable tasks

Software security is a board-level issue but ensuring that internal guidelines are followed consistently across all development teams and projects can be difficult.

SD Elements enables secure development by translating policies into specific tasks, including code samples, testing plans, and Just-in-Time Training, to validate completion.

Automate secure development to ensure standards and policies are translated consistently into actionable developer and IT tasks.

Secure Development Benefits

  • Consistent

    SD Elements identifies required controls and applies them consistently across all projects.

  • Scalable

    A short survey identifies risks and controls without requiring scarce security resources, allowing organizations to enforce standards across all projects.

  • Expert Knowledge Base

    Our expert knowledge base is maintained, and continuously updated by our team of security experts.

  • Operationalize Secure Development Standards

    Automatically generate and assign controls including code sample and test plans and validate completion through tool integrations.

  • Reinforce Training

    Short, efficient Just-in-Time training modules on specific controls and topics can be pushed to developers or accessed on demand.

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