Hub | SDE | Challenges
Hub | SDE | Challenges
Hub | SDE | Challenges

Reducing risk within software applications is a never-ending struggle

Hub | SDE | Challenges

Security Requirements Complexity

It’s overwhelming to grasp the ever-changing threats, weaknesses, compliance regulations and industry standards. Secure software releases can veer off track when you are lost in the contextless shuffle.


SD Elements helps you stay up to date with security, privacy, and compliance best practices from over 84+ regulations and industry standards by automatically identifying threats and weaknesses and then prescribing relevant countermeasures for your project.

Hub | SDE | Challenges
Hub | SDE | Challenges

Security-Dev Team Friction

You need cooperation from developers to implement security requirements consistently, but they are too busy prioritizing their own tasks to get releases out the door.


SD Elements keeps it simple for them by delivering easy-to-follow security tasks, code samples, and bite-sized just-in-time-training videos directly into issue trackers they’re already using in their workflows such as JIRA, AzureDevOps, GitLab, and others.

Manual Process Bottlenecks

Hub | SDE | Challenges

Manual approaches to building secure software are complex, time-consuming, don’t scale, involve too many people, and, if not done correctly, leave your system vulnerable to attack.


SD Elements automates secure coding processes.

Hub | SDE | Challenges
Hub | SDE | Challenges

Limited Visibility and Transparency

It’s time to retire that spreadsheet to track security controls and requirements. Enhancing transparency, accountability, and accessibility is easier when you can create reports automatically.


SD Elements checks the status and reviews the completion of tasks through scanners that are integrated into our platform.

Ready to overcome these challenges?

Automatically identify and prioritize risk

You don't need to worry about keeping up with changing threats and regulations – we handle that for you. Use SD Element to identify and prioritize countermeasures in minutes.

Implement controls with minimal impact on developers

Quickly translate complex requirements into easy-to-understand DevOps tasks. Assign tasks, share code samples, and offer just-in-time training right in their issue trackers.

Track and verify implementation of security controls

Increase visibility & accountability by tracking and verifying the implementation of security controls through scanners that are integrated into our platform.

Automate and scale secure coding processes

Identify risks, prioritize risks, and implement optimal controls automatically, continuously, and across your entire application portfolio. Easily create reports to demonstrate compliance.

Why not see SD Elements in action?

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