Automate & scale secure coding

Save 10,480 development hours*

Identify risks, prioritize risks, and implement controls automatically, continuously, and at scale with minimal impact on developers with SD Elements.

Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

*Based on findings from Forrester TEI Report

Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

Is manual work a bottleneck?

Frustrated by manual secure coding processes? Not only is it time-consuming, costly, and vulnerable due to lack of standardization, but it’s also nearly impossible to scale.

Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

“SD Elements enables FINRA to quickly and accurately identify threats and countermeasures in applications that power our business – at the speed of DevOps.”

Jeremy Ferragamo

Director of Cyber & Information Security 


Revamp your approach

Stay on top of risks

Identify weaknesses and quantify their business impact if left unaddressed. Achieve this automatically, continuously, and at scale.

Streamline risk mitigation

Break down complex requirements into manageable tasks that developers can comprehend & complete. Assign tasks, share code samples, and offer just-in-time training right in their issue trackers.

Improve visibility & trackability

Check the status and review the completion of security controls. Create reports automatically to enhance transparency, accountability, and accessibility.

Reduce vulnerabilities by 85%*

*Based on findings from Forrester TEI Report

Application security professionals use SD Elements to automate & scale secure coding best practices across their entire application portfolio.

Here’s how you can do it

Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

“SD Elements is quite unique. It is exactly what we needed to expedite and enable our teams efforts in releasing secure products”

Brian Pitts, Product Security Governance,  Architecture & Risk Management,

Johnson Controls

That's not all we do

In addition to automating secure coding processes, we help you automate risk identification, mitigation, tracking, and reporting

Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

Automate risk identification & prioritization


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Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

Implement security controls with minimal impact on developers 


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Hub | SDE | Automate & Scale

Speed up security requirements tracking and verification


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On average, SD Elements reduce vulnerabilities by 85%*

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