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Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Suites

Our Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Suites cover OWASP Top 10, secure software design, secure software coding, and other courses that cater to specific roles in order to help improve an organization’s security posture.

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What makes our information security training different?

  • Targeted

    Focus on your team's knowledge gap

  • Flexible

    Fits around your team's busy schedules

  • Insightful

    Track your team’s progress to becoming compliant

  • Practical

    Industry relevant material

  • Stimulating

    Personable, enjoyable, and relatable training

The Software Security Practitioner Suites are a series of courses that teach foundational elements of software security and language-specific secure coding. Suites catering to a variety of roles on the development team, including software developer, software architect, QA engineer, and project manager. Each SSP Suite provides learners with a tailored course selection to teach the skills they need for their role. After completing all courses in a specific suite, learners will validate their skills by passing an exam to obtain a certificate for their suite issued by Security Compass and (ISC)².

Interested in personal security training? We’ve got you covered! Purchase courses à-la-carte according to your individual needs and interests.

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