Pricing Request for SD Elements

SD Elements is used every day by companies around the world to protect their most critical software.
Security Compass commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the quantifiable return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying SD Elements.
According to this study, SD Elements provided interviewed users with the following quantifiable benefits over 3 years:
  • 332% ROI
  • $2.20 million on Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Payback period of fewer than 6 months
  • 90% decrease in the amount of time needed to develop security requirements for products
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Pricing Request for SD Elements

Accelerate Time to Market

Speed up development and decrease rework by automating proactive security processes. By building in security from the beginning, you can reduce risk and accelerate software releases simultaneously.
Pricing Request for SD Elements

Cost Savings

Security and privacy regulations and recommendations are constantly evolving. Save your organization the cost of tracking them manually by leveraging SD Elements’ content library which is regularly updated with best practices by our in-house experts.
Pricing Request for SD Elements


Proven to scale in large enterprise environments, SD Elements helps you to accelerate your security and compliance processes, while remaining in line with Agile and DevOps practices.
Pricing Request for SD Elements

Improved Traceability, Demonstrable Compliance

Get a clear view of your corporate risk and compliance posture at any time. With SD Elements, you can easily check the status and implementation of security activities and generate detailed reports to demonstrate compliance, or identify priorities.
Pricing Request for SD Elements

Improve Product Security

Move security left in your software development lifecycle. SD Elements helps organizations reduce risk, often eliminating more than 92% of vulnerabilities.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say

Jeremy Ferragamo
Jeremy FerragamoDirector of Cyber & Information Security, FINRA
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“SD Elements enables FINRA to quickly and accurately identify threats and countermeasures in the applications that power our business – at the speed of DevOps.”

Brian Pitts
Brian PittsProduct Security Governance, Architecture & Risk Management, Johnson Controls
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“SD Elements is quite unique. It is exactly what we needed to expedite and enable our teams’ efforts in releasing secure products.”