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We enable organizations to adopt a balanced development approach for rapid and secure application development as well as deliver expert advisory services on cybersecurity.

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Align application security with your business goals to build better, more secure software.

Learn how Security Compass can help your organization manage cybersecurity risk, without slowing down your business. We offer a bundle of products, services, and solutions to create a DevSecOps environment for application security.

Our Key Offerings

Introducing The Balancing Act podcast. Your guide to going fast while staying safe in today’s digital world.

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Get into the details of our most popular offerings.

  • Threat Modeling

    Scale threat modeling to your entire application portfolio by identifying threats and generating security controls in minutes.

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  • Training Course New Releases

    Newly updated software security training courses:

    • OpSec Fundamentals
    • Defending Containers
    • Privacy Fundamentals
    • CCPA for Software Development
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  • Secure Software Development

    Empower developers to build secure software by translating security guidelines into actionable tasks.

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  • Continuous ATO

    U.S. federal government agencies can ensure compliance and achieve continuous ATO to safely deploy applications.

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“SD Elements enables FINRA to quickly and accurately identify threats and countermeasures in the applications that power our business – at the speed of DevOps. Now we get secure software to market faster than ever before.”
– Jeremy Ferragamo, Director of Cyber & Information Security

Go Fast. Stay Safe.