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Scalability and Automation, Built for Enterprise

SD Elements automates Secure Development, Threat Modeling, Risk Assessments, and Regulatory Compliance – at scale.

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We help customers manage cybersecurity risk without slowing down their business.

Our offerings are tailored to your organization’s needs through our award-winning SD Elements platform, training, and advisory services. We set you up with all of the resources and tools your organization needs to develop secure software.

  • Financial Services

    16 of the largest banks in North America & Latin America

  • Government

    Multiple sites in the United States Federal government

  • Enterprise Clients

    In IT, health insurance, retail, energy, automotive, & telecom

Align application security with your business goals to build better, more secure software.

Learn how Security Compass can help your organization manage cybersecurity risk, without slowing down your business. We offer a bundle of products, services, and solutions to create a DevSecOps environment for application security.

Our Key Offerings

  • SD Elements

    The Solution to the Development Devil’s Choice
    Go Fast. Stay Safe.


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  • Training

    Empower your teams with the latest knowledge and techniques to minimize cybersecurity risk.


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  • Advisory

    Expert advice and proven, scalable testing programs that strengthen your posture and reduce cyber risk.

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Read our latest case studies to learn how we helped several organizations save millions in remediation costs.

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  • DevSecOps for Managers

    Check out our DevSecOps course for managers and non-technical learners.


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  • SD Elements

    Find out how SD Elements helps build security and compliance into software.


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  • OWASP Top 10

    Learn the latest OWASP Top 10 – Five free eLearning modules available now.


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  • Continuous ATO and SD Elements

    Does your organization build or modify software that must meet specific U.S. Government security standards?

    Watch this complimentary eLearning module to learn the fundamentals of Continuous ATO, and how SD Elements supports this process.

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