Identify Threats and Risk

Project manager or architect answers a 15 minute survey. Information is gathered about language, platform, features, compliance, and tools in order to determine relevant threats and countermeasures.

Controls Selection
The system automatically selects appropriate controls based on the answers to the questionnaire. The expert knowledge base is regularly updated with new content.

Implement Controls

Workflow and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Integration
SD Elements seamlessly fits into existing development processes. Synchronization with ALM tools such as Jira, CA Agile Central, Micro Focus ALM, IBM Rational CLM, and Microsoft TFS pushes security requirements directly to developers as work items

Just-in-Time Training
JITT modules and relevant code samples are delivered to developers via ALM synchronization

Validate Controls

Testing Integration and Correlation
Testing results are easily imported from Micro Focus Fortify & Webinspect, IBM AppScan, Veracode, Checkmarx, Whitehat, and other popular scanning tools.

Imported data is matched to controls for validation and compliance reporting


Included reports to track progress, risk profile, and compliance. It possesses a custom reporting capability and provides detailed activity logs.

Risk Dashboards
Easily view compliance status against internally defined risk policies.

Save time during audits and security reviews. Demonstrates clear governance of security

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