At Security Compass, we’re on a mission to help you go fast and stay safe.

Discover who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
our vision

A world where we can trust technology.

our mission

To accelerate software time-to-market while managing risk.

Who We Are

Security Compass is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions that first released our flagship product, SD Elements, in 2011.
SD Elements’ comprehensive approach to application security empowers DevSecOps teams to take a proactive, developer-centric approach to software security, which lowers software development costs and mitigates cyber risks.
The world’s leading financial organizations, technology companies, and global brands trust us to secure their applications.

Discover our CCOAR Values

Customer Focus

We create exceptional customer experiences. We consider our customers and their impact. We communicate and meet expectations. We lead by serving others.


We seek understanding and share our views. We work and have fun as a team. We give credit and create win-win scenarios.


We take action and follow through. We admit to our failures and hold each other accountable. We own problems start to finish and help others succeed.


We are ourselves. We are transparent and honest. We don’t speak corporate. We own our feelings and are generous with feedback.


We listen first and show empathy. We consider and value others. We are humble and encourage diversity of thought.

We are certified by ISO/IEC 27001 and AICPA SOC

Recognised worldwide, these certifications indicate that companies are aligned with information security best practice.

Our Beliefs

Change Is Continuous

Security is elaborate and continuously changing. Masking security problems will not solve the problem — we believe in solving the problem.


Security is not one-size-fits-all; every company requires a unique security blueprint. Building this blueprint is a company-wide experience that must be clearly understood.

Working Together

Conquering security risks together will help achieve our mission without compromising usability.

Our Leadership Team

Comprised of industry leaders and domain experts, our leadership team brings decades of cumulative insight and extensive experience to Security Compass, and to our clients.

Rohit Sethi

Chief Executive Officer


David Rea

Chief Financial Officer / 

Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Warren

Chief Marketing Officer


Michelle Brooks

Chief People & Culture Officer



Trevor Young

Chief Product Officer



Rob Bentley

Chief Revenue Officer


Ehsan Foroughi

Chief Technology Officer


Laura Mcleod

Vice President,

Customer Success & Service

Ann Marie Donnelly



Liane Shura

Vice President, 

Security Research

Marg Walinga

Senior Director, 


Michael Chartrand
Director, Product Operations  

Board of Directors

Nish Bhalla

Founder, Board Member

Liron Gitig

Board Member

Nick Lantuh

Board Member

Richard Liu

Board Member

Bob Ranaldi

Board Member

Milo Sprague

Board Member

Our Awards

Not just responsible for award-winning products, we’re also recognised as an award-winning place to work. Check out our awards below.

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