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About Us

We are application security experts who offer tailored solutions for your organization’s application security needs.

Who We Are

Security Compass enables organizations to accelerate time to market for software development as they shift to DevSecOps. With our flagship product, SD Elements, organizations can automate significant portions of manual processes used for security, risk, and compliance within the software development life cycle.

Strategic advisory services and modular role-based e-learning empower organizations to embrace DevSecOps, including industry-leading expertise in cloud security. Security Compass provides solutions to many of the world’s largest financial organizations, tech companies, and many other leading global brands.

Our Beliefs

  • Change is Continuous

    Security is elaborate and continuously changing. Masking security problems will not solve the problem - we believe in solving the problem.

  • Understanding Uniqueness

    Security is not one-size-fits-all; every company requires a unique security blueprint. Building this blueprint is a company-wide experience that must be clearly understood.

  • Working Together

    Conquering security risks together will help achieve the organization’s mission without compromising usability.


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