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Risk Assessment Across the SDLC
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Web Application Security & More

Raising the Bar for Application Security in Software Development

Whether you are involved in mobile security, app development, or work in Agile development, Waterfall, DevOps or another framework, SD Elements improves risk assessment across any SDLC process. SD Elements automates software security requirements across the software development life cycle based on your project's technology, business and compliance drivers. SD Elements oversees your vulnerability management risk management, eliminates security vulnerabilities and improves security testing in the most cost effective way, before the use of a web application security scanner. The SD Elements platform goes beyond security software to manage secure software development life cycle processes from initial planning to final release. As the leading Application Security Requirements and Threat Management (ASRTM) platform, it stands in a class of its own when it comes to enabling organizations to eliminate security vulnerabilities in critical applications, minimize organizational risk, and easily meet regulatory and compliance standards.

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Software Development Security and Automation

SD Elements manages security requirements across the entire software development lifecycle, managing requirements from planning through to release. Scalable automation capabilities culminate in more secure applications that cost less to develop and test

Comprehensive Expert Content for Secure Development

SD Elements includes an extensive application security content database produced by our own expert security researchers and consultants. Numerous Industry Standards, Regulations and Compliance specifications are covered across a number of vertical markets such as Financial, Payment Processing, ISVs, Internet of Things, Industrial and Control Systems, and Federal Government.

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Developer Productivity Improving Security Code

SD Elements supports virtually ALL development platforms/languages, virtually ALL development environments/tools, and fits into most development processes (Waterfall, Scrum/Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery). "Just in Time" training modules and relevant code samples are delivered to developers via ALM synchronization and the new user interface.

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