An Advanced Automation Platform that Builds Security, Compliance, and Policy into Applications


Challenges Addressed

Business Alignment

SD Elements automates security practices, making security an enabler of business success.


SD Elements allows users to track and report what they do to show due diligence in the event of an audit or breach.

Security Skills and Awareness Gap

SD Elements is a policy-to-procedure platform that promotes communication between developers and security professionals.

Privacy and Compliance

SD Elements content supports GDPR compliance and other frameworks, and it can accommodate companies’ custom policies.

Promoting business agility while staying secure

SD Elements is a platform that translates policies to prescriptive, measurable procedures, used by IT and Engineering teams in enterprises to achieve their security and compliance objectives. SD Elements generates and tracks granular controls with a flexible, rule-based engine and integrates those controls into the ALMs of DevOps and Agile development teams across the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

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SD Elements helps build key capabilities into your Application Security program.

SD Elements automates the process of tracking security defects and identifying necessary security controls. Our research team regularly updates the platform with expert content, making it convenient to use in a DevOps environment: it has a robust platform, a custom plug-in interface, and enterprise SSO capabilities so that one set of credentials can be used to access multiple applications.

For more detailed information of SD Elements, check out our Features page.

Expert security knowledge base driven by research.

The SD Elements content knowledge base is built by our in-house team of expert researchers and also includes licensed content from trusted sources, such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS). We keep tabs on the latest security vulnerabilities and translate them into recommendations for our clients, while covering standards and regulations across multiple industries.

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How SD Elements works in practice

SD Elements works in a simple series of steps, beginning with a 15 minute survey. Once it collects relevant information about your software, threats and countermeasures are identified, highlighting the appropriate security controls. SD Elements fits into pre-existing development processes, synchronizing with most Application Lifecycle Management tools (ALMs). Using our platform, you can also get access to reports to track progress on tasks, determine your risk profile, and gauge compliance.

Check out our 'How it Works' page for more detailed information on how SD Elements works with your software.

SD Elements fits into any Enterprise environment with extensive partner integration support.

SD Elements supports multiple integrations, maximizing convenience in your workflow.In addition to syncing with most ALM tools, including Jira, SD Elements integrates with security testing tools and Continuous Integration and Deployment tools to automatically validate requirements. For more information on SD Elements integrations, check out our Integrations page.

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