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The future of business relies on being digital – but all software deployed needs to be secure and protect privacy. Yet, responsible cybersecurity gets in the way of what any company really wants to do: innovate fast, stay ahead of the competition, and wow customers!

On one hand, you could decide to build digital products fast, go light on security, and wait for the inevitable disaster. The other option? Do all the right things along the way with security and compliance – which means building products at a comparative snail’s pace... and watching as risk-taking or irresponsible competitors beat you to market.

That’s why you’re stuck with today’s development devil’s choice, every software development choice is some version of two bad options: fast and risky, or slow and safe – the development devil’s choice.

There’s been no good third way, no new way of building software so that cybersecurity issues all but disappear, letting companies focus on competing hard.

Until now...

Introducing SD ElementsAn automated approach to balanced development.

Key Benefits

just in time training


Offers transparency by showing the completion status of coding, deployment, and process tasks

JIRA Integration


Reduces reliance on manual processes for managing and monitoring security across software stacks

Fundamental Concepts of security development


Delivers cost savings by proactively protecting software systems


Secure DevelopmentTranslate design, development and testing guidelines into actionable and enforceable tasks.

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Threat ModelingIdentify common threats and assign actionable tasks to mitigate risk.

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Risk AssessmentsClassify risk and generate actionable tasks to comply with your security policies.

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ComplianceTranslate internal and external requirements into actionable and auditable tasks.

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Enterprise Delivery Services

Get your team up and running with our step-by-step, repeatable implementation methodology and best practices. Our professional services cover activities from business process design through to configuration and onboarding.


SD Elements pricing is based on the number of applications used.

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Modernizing Risk Assessments with SD Elements

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See how Security Compass can help your organization manage cybersecurity risk, without slowing down your business. We offer a bundle of products, services, and solutions to create a DevSecOps environment for Application Security.

Included, you’ll find our Just-in-Time Training courses, designed to teach developers secure coding, which are integrated with Issue Tracking Systems through SD Elements.

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