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SD Elements Builds Security In and Enables Continuous Compliance Throughout the Software Lifecycle.

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Organizational Challenges Related to Security and Compliance

Modern organizations have large sets of policies to comply with. Yet, they have no formalized way to translate them into operational activities. They also lack mechanisms to track compliance to security standards in varying software stacks, leaving them exposed.

Risk Assessments & Threat ModelingManual processes are expensive and slow, and they require hard-to-find subject matter experts. The outputs are inconsistent and rarely include compliance requirements.

ComplianceOrganizations are unable to continuously monitor whether all relevant processes are being followed for a given software stack & type. This creates a defensibility gap, a problem in the case of a breach.

Secure DevelopmentStatic requirements and guidelines for development and QA are non-auditable and quickly become out-of-date. This makes them difficult to maintain, and it makes it hard to determine what is applicable for a given application.

TrainingOne-time, up-front courses are difficult to retain and use in daily activities. It is also difficult to deliver relevant education across all software stacks and types, given the increasing number of security & compliance requirements.

Introducing Our Solution: SD Elements

An automated system that tracks security standards and translates them into actionable tasks across various software stacks.

 SD Elements Builds Security In and Enables Continuous Compliance Throughout the Software Lifecycle. Here are key use cases:

Risk AssessmentsSD Elements can be leveraged to automate threat modeling and risk assessments, significantly expediting these processes.

ComplianceSD Elements identifies and tracks the tasks required for compliance to standards and regulations for each application and keeps them up to date in near real-time.

Secure DevelopmentSD Elements automatically generates actionable tasks, sample code, and sample test plans that can be readily-used by development teams to code securely.

TrainingJust-in-time Training, delivered via SD Elements, teaches developers secure coding while they work. Developers can access the training modules directly from Jira.

SD Elements’ knowledge-base was developed and maintained by a group of experts, and it can be configured to accommodate your company’s own content.

Key Benefits

just in time training


Offers transparency by showing the completion status of coding, deployment, and process tasks

JIRA Integration


Reduces reliance on manual processes for managing and monitoring security across software stacks

Fundamental Concepts of security development


Delivers cost savings by proactively protecting software systems

How SD Elements Enables DevSecOps
SD Elements in the Modern Enterprise
Policy to Execution: An Introduction

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Included, you’ll find our Just-in-Time Training courses, designed to teach developers secure coding, which are integrated with Issue Tracking Systems through SD Elements.

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