2024 Equilibrium On-demand

A look at the highlights from Equilibrium 2024

2024 Equilibrium On-demand
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Security by Design: Rethinking How We Strengthen Software Security

In the realm of safeguarding applications, the stakes have never been higher.


Dr. Ed Amoroso

TAG Cyber

AUGMENTED: How to Integrate AI into Life and Work

Embark on a journey into the practical realm of AI’s influence on security and business with an esteemed expert.
Daniel Miessler Unsupervised Learning

Securing the Software Supply Chain: Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies

Discover essential practices to mitigate the growing risk of software supply chain security for organizations.
Chris Hughes

Deciphering the DevSecOps Toolkit: Optimizing Security Across SDLC

DevSecOps tools play a pivotal role in weaving security into every phase of the SDLC. However, the landscape is rich…
Antônio Mocelim, James Brotsos, & Gabriel Catropa

CISA's Insights on Cybersecurity and Secure by Design

Beyond its primary role in coordinating cybersecurity efforts for the U.S. government, CISA wields a significant influence…
Alaina Clark

Customer Chronicles:
Implementing Security by Design - Buy-In, Barriers, and Beyond

Join a dynamic customer panel sharing insights on implementing Security by Design.
Tatiana Bellendir, Par Virdee, & Jason Espone

Start securing your software by design

Want to see SD Elements in action and learn more about the transformative benefits of threat modeling to your business?


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Who is Security Compass?

At our core, we’re dedicated to securing software from the outset. Our platform automates the identification of security requirements, seamlessly integrating them into developers’ workflows as manageable tasks. It also accelerates tracking and verification of security controls, facilitating instant reporting on security posture.


Plus, we provide ISC2-certified AppSec training to equip organizations with the essential knowledge and skills required for secure coding.
2024 Equilibrium On-demand
2024 Equilibrium On-demand
2024 Equilibrium On-demand
2024 Equilibrium On-demand
2024 Equilibrium On-demand
2024 Equilibrium On-demand
2024 Equilibrium On-demand