A better kind of cybersecurity training for your software team.

Improve your security posture with targeted training and earn ISC2 Certification for your Software Security Practitioners.
Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program
Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program

Our Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Suites are pre-selected sets of courses for specific coding languages or specific roles within the development team.

Train your entire development team, including software developers, security champions, software architects, QA engineers, and project managers on fundamental elements of software security and language-specific secure coding practices.


Industry-recognized certification

Certify your skills.


Once you’ve successfully completed all modules and passed the course exam, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certificate from Security Compass and ISC2.


You can then share your certification through a social media badge.


Hands-on Learning

Deepen your understanding of common security risks by diving into real-world exploit scenarios.


What makes our SSP training so different?

Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program


Target and close your team’s knowledge gaps with the right training delivered exactly where and when you need it. Reduce or eliminate inconsistencies and help your team perform its best.
Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program


Learn at your pace and on your schedule. We know how busy you are, which is why all our courses are on-demand and delivered in bite-sized modules for easy learning.
Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program


Track your team’s progress relative to their training goals. Measure success from module to module, and paint a clear, real-time picture of the skills and expertise of your team.
Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program

Up to date

Keep up with the ever-changing security threat landscape. We regularly update our courses with industry-relevant material so your team can respond to new or developing threats as they emerge.
Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Program


Put our training into practice immediately. Designed to be engaging, interesting, and enjoyable, our courses boost knowledge retention and increase adoption of best practice.

Discover our catalog of SSP courses

Discover our catalog of SSP courses

Discover our catalog of SSP courses


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