Trevor Young

Chief Product Officer

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Trevor Young

An entrepreneurial product and technology leader that keeps on top of the latest in design, architecture and creative innovations. I love working with small teams of domain experts who excel at collaborative problem solving and can execute a strategy. My passion problem is finding inefficiencies in digital markets and disrupting them. Particularly two-sided markets with lots of real-time data. I’ve designed trading platforms, built data services, and implemented arbitrage algorithms for financial markets. Helped programmatically scale users and revenue for publishers in E-Commerce and Advertising markets. And developed sports betting middleware, horse-racing engines and poker platforms in gaming markets.


  • Advisor at IVEP – a block-chain based interactive protocol and dApp store for video platforms
  • Built a data management platform for programmatic ad buying and content scoring algorithms supporting Shared’s 33 million users
  • Increased publisher property monetization by over 80% using programmatic offer strategies
  • Developed a publishing platform with automated processes for testing, optimizing and scheduling content across Facebook, Email, Push Notifications and Blogs.
  • Investor and co-founder of a mobile trading notification app and service, SnappTrader
  • Launched new business lines at OANDA to diversify revenue into into data subscription services and international money transfers
  • Re-designed an FX Trading Platform to award winning web and mobile apps. Launched the first partner API, developer platform and marketplace for algorithmic traders
  • Launched Zoompass – Canada’s first Mobile Payments platform in 2009, as part of a joint-venture with Canada’s largest telcos
  • Helped architect a scalable mobile platform that supported over 30 online sportsbook, casino, poker, and horse racing operations worldwide in 2006