CISO Global Exec Summit

CISO Global Exec Summit

Date: September 11th – September 13th, 2023
Location: Four Seasons Hotel Nashville

Security Compass Team:

Trevor Young / Chief Product Officer / [email protected]

Laura McLeod / VP Customer Success & Services / [email protected]

Kevin Delaney / Director, Solutions Engineering / [email protected]


Boardroom session info:

Title: Driving Real Value Through AppSec Processes and Tech

CISOs and security leaders from across the globe have implemented a myriad of AppSec tools and processes. But it’s only by dissecting the efficacy of tools like SAST, DAST, and SCA; or processes like Threat Modeling and Pen Testing, that you’ll ever be able to determine which are actually delivering results. It’s time to address the issue through thoughtful exchange and leave with actionable insights.

Join this lively, closed-door discussion to:

  • Challenge your assumptions regarding these long-accepted processes
  • Share perspectives and gather understanding through the experiences of your fellow CISOs
  • Gain a fresh understanding of AppSec strategies