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Forget "How Tos", let's discuss real-life application security cases instead

Building Secure Software by Design

Looking for practical advice, real-life insight, and expert guidance on how to build secure software from the ground up?  Join us live Tuesdays throughout April at 1 PM EST | 10 AM PST.

April 11th |  Building a Strong Defense With Application Security Training

April 18th | Getting Threat Modelling Right: Lessons we Learned 

April 25th | Breaking Down the 2023 National Cyber Strategy : What It Means For You

Get Practical Advice, Real-life Insight, and Expert Guidance

  • We’ll share how to unblock common application security training blockers.

  • Two application security experts will go over threat modeling and real-world lessons they’ve learned from working with clients.

  • We’ll dive into why the 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy makes it imperative to enhance your application security processes now.

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