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Obtain ATO faster and deliver secure software at scale

Automate the identification, tracking, dissemination, and management of controls that map to the U.S. federal government with our secure coding platform.

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Automate & scale secure coding processes with SD Elements

Automatically identify security requirements

With SD Elements, your team can automatically generate security controls in line with standards, such as NIST.

Simplify regulatory standards

Break down complex regulatory requirements into manageable tasks that developers can easily comprehend & complete.

Streamline developer workflow

Assign tasks, share code samples, and offer just-in-time training to developers right in their issue trackers.

Check the completion of security tasks

Check status and review the completion of security controls through scanners that are integrated into our platform.

Quickly demonstrate complaince

Create reports to show that implemented controls meet security requirements, such as NIST RMF, FedRAMP and CMMC.

Efficiently scale secure coding

Scale and implement secure coding best practices across your entire application portfolio.

Obtain ATO in weeks not months.

Learn how SD Elements can help your team to quickly comply with the security requirements for ATO.

See how it works

Step 1: Information Gathering

SD Elements uses a brief survey to understand your applications’ architecture, behavior, and technology stack — in minutes.


This consolidates all inputs in a fraction of the time, replacing weeks of whiteboarding and interviews across teams.

FY23_FedDod_Convert Hub
SD elements

Step 2: Developer-Centric Threat Modeling

SD Elements gathers information about your project and automatically generates threat modeling diagrams. By automating the generation of developer-centric software threat models, developers are able to efficiently identify threats and know exactly where to implement required countermeasures.

Step 3: Recommendations

Based on applicable U.S. federal government requirements, SD Elements recommends security controls tailored to the specific needs of your project from an extensive content library that is built, managed, and kept up-to-date by a team of security experts.


Integrations with issue trackers like JIRA, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Azure DevOps deliver requirements – including code samples and test plans – directly to those individuals responsible for implementation.

FY23_FedDod_Convert Hub
Validation Engine SD Elements

Step 4: Validation and Reports

Integrations with testing platforms, such as Veracode, Checkmarx, or Fortify, enables SD Elements to track the status of security control implementation.


Detailed reports show authorizing officials that you have implemented the security and privacy controls required for ATO.

Accelerate ATO and deliver secure software at scale 

"SD Elements provided the framework that allowed us to achieve a rapid, self-service engagement model that unifies stakeholders across various programs. It is a multi-purpose solution that should be a crucial part of any mature or maturing Information Security program."

Jeremy Ferragamo, Director of Cyber & Information Security, FINRA 

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Our industry-leading solution enables you to obtain ATO faster by helping developers proactively build software that meets U.S. federal government security standards at scale.