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Obtain ATO faster and deliver secure software at scale.

We’ll help you achieve ATO – in weeks, not months. SD Elements, our secure coding platform, automates the identification, tracking, dissemination, and management of controls that map to the U.S. federal government. While our role-based,  (ISC)² certified training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills they need to secure applications.

Prioritize speed of software development
without compromising security

Train developers to secure code from the start

Role-based, language-specific AppSec training with actionable guidance and code samples

Industry-recognized certification. Learners can earn an (ISC)² certificate

Comprehensive curriculum with over 50 cybersecurity courses to choose from

Cost-effective, scalable, can be tailored & integrated with existing LMS

Up-to-date, we add new & refresh existing courses as new threats emerge​

AppSec training: Your first line of defense for faster ATO

Automate and scale secure coding processes with SD Elements

SD Elements is a developer-centric software that combines threat modeling and secure development functionalities, enabling organizations to build compliant, secure software. At scale, it identifies threats, suggests countermeasures, validates implementations, and prioritizes developers’ needs.

Security Compass

Gather Information

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Categorize your systems and identify applicable regulatory controls (NIST RMF) for each project through our dynamic survey.
Security Compass

Translate Requirements

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Automatically translate complex regulatory standards into easy to-understand DevOps tasks.
Security Compass

Implement Controls

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Assign tasks, share code samples, and offer just-in-time training to developers right in their issue trackers.
Security Compass

Verify implementations & getnerate reports

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Check status and review the completion of tasks through scanners that are integrated into our platform. Generate auditable, traceable reports for each regulatory standard to verify compliance.

Accelerate ATO and deliver secure software at scale 

Watch SD Elements expedite ATO

"SD Elements provided the framework that allowed us to achieve a rapid, self-service engagement model that unifies stakeholders across various programs. It is a multi-purpose solution that should be a crucial part of any mature or maturing Information Security program."

Jeremy Ferragamo, Director of Cyber & Information Security, FINRA 

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Our industry-leading solution enables you to obtain ATO faster by helping developers proactively build software that meets U.S. federal government security standards at scale.