Need to obtain ATO faster and deliver secure software at scale?

Our curated resources cover the pitfalls of traditional processes and highlight how automation and proactive security can help you achieve ATO in weeks, not months.

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Understand the state of ATO & secure development in U.S. government agencies 

Find out what challenges US agencies face and how they’re modernizing their security approach, focusing on compliance standards and faster software development.

Accelerate ATO with these proven strategies

Discover the secrets to shipping secure code faster with insights from 7 security experts. Learn how to integrate security checks earlier in the SDLC, automate threat modeling, track delivery speed improvements, and foster regulatory knowledge among your team

Overcome common ATO challenges 

We’ll show you how to accelerate ATO by incorporating best practices into your Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). You will also learn how these strategies can benefit your bottom line and software development.

Scale efforts with threat modeling & automation

Security professionals emphasize the significance of adopting a developer-oriented approach to threat modeling in this guide. They demonstrate how automation can scale security efforts and streamline the process of identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

5 agencies deliver secure software at scale

We’ve helped many federal government agency achieve faster time-to-market for secure software, resulting in a significant improvement in their security posture while meeting their mission objectives.

FINRA’s journey to improve time-to-market

By using our secure software platform, FINRA enhanced efficiency, mitigated risk, enabled DevOps teams to execute threat modeling, and scaled their capabilities for any application size or complexity.

First things first, who is Security Compass?

Security Compass is a leading provider of secure software development, software threat modeling, and AppSec training. We are a trusted solution provider to U.S. government agencies, enabling them to achieve rapid and continuous ATO at scale.

Obtain ATO faster with our secure software platform

"SD Elements provided the framework that allowed us to achieve a rapid, self-service engagement model that unifies stakeholders across various programs. It is a multi-purpose solution that should be a crucial part of any mature or maturing Information Security program."

Jeremy Ferragamo, Director of Cyber & Information Security, FINRA 

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Our industry-leading solution enables you to obtain ATO faster by helping developers proactively build software that meets U.S. federal government security standards at scale.