Minimize risk & meet compliance without frustrating development teams

Our comprehensive AppSec training includes role-based learning paths that are tailored to individuals needs, as well as self-paced, bite-sized lessons and ISC2 certifications to save time and keep everyone happy.

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50+ expert-written courses covering all aspects of application security

Enhance secure development skills. Stay on top of threats and regulations

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Our curriculum is constantly kept up-to-date and is recognized by ISC2. You’ll have access to a diverse selection of  50+ courses, encompassing secure development, compliance, operational security, and much more. The best part? Our training isn’t solely restricted to developers; it extends to everyone involved in the SDLC.  

Role-based paths you can configure and deploy how you want

Deliver the right AppSec training program in less time, then scale up when ready

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Role-based learning paths, saves you time and energy while letting users find relevant content quickly. Our flexible solution lets you configure and deploy courses in line with your business needs. You can also get support plans  to ensure adoption, manage cultural change, and scale – whenever you are ready. 

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Relevant, practical and efficient training that addresses their needs

Get development teams onboard

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When you opt for role-based and language-specific training, you prioritize their need, reducing cognitive load.  Self-paced, bite-sized learning allows them to seamlessly integrate it into their workflow, leading to higher engagement and productivity. And here’s the big plus: ISC2 certifications not only incentivize development teams but also drive professional growth while fostering a strong sense of security consciousness.

Foster a security-first culture with minimal friction

100% adoption of the security training program

“With Security Compass’ Application Security Training, we achieved our goal of delivering security training and creating a baseline security knowledge base for our developers.”

Gerald Chang, Cyber Security Analyst and

Learning Program Manager, CARIAD, Inc.

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