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This free course will help you get ahead of problems by demonstrating how SD Elements identifies exploitable weaknesses and appropriate mitigations across your software portfolio at a much faster rate than traditional threat modeling methods.


  • Introduction to SD Elements: A solid foundation in 60 minutes.
  • SD Elements Advanced: Elevate your knowledge with advanced strategies in 60 minutes.
  • Content Management and Customization: Master content tailoring in 45 minutes.
  • SD Elements for Integration Admins: Optimize integration processes in 30 minutes.
  • SD Elements for Software Admins: Streamline software administration in 45 minutes.
  • How to Threat Model in SD Elements: Learn critical threat modeling techniques in 60 minutes.

Why Choose SD Elements Training?
Embrace the full capabilities of SD Elements to not only save significant costs by automating processes but also ensure your organization’s compliance with stringent privacy laws like GDPR.


Transform your software development lifecycle into a more secure, efficient, and compliant process.
Start Enhancing Your SD Elements Skills Today – Propel your team and projects towards greater security and compliance effortlessly.

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