California Privacy Right Act (CPRA)

California Privacy Right Act

The CPRA adds sections to the California Civil Code to further protect California consumer rights.

What is the CPRA?

The CPRA gives individuals control over the usage and selling of their information. California consumers have the right to know details of information collected about them and to ask for its deletion, for it to not be sold, and for businesses to be accountable with respect to its safeguarding.

Why do we need the CPRA?

Businesses could otherwise collect, use, and keep consumer information without notifying them. The CPRA has improved the consumer experience by strengthening Californians’ privacy rights and entitling each of them to a clear explanation of the purposes for collecting their information as well as how businesses intend to use it.

How your organization can apply the CPRA

Organizations can implement the requirements of the CPRA by following the principles of:
  • Consumer rights
  • Responsible business practices
  • Respect for the law
Consumer rights and business responsibilities must be defined clearly, and technological enhancements must be presented to help consumers exercise their rights and to help others comply with the regulations.

How SD Elements can help with the CPRA

SD Elements offers guidelines for businesses to comply with the CPRA, and provides a list of technological enhancements that businesses must implement in order to meet its requirements.

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