Secure Development: Crafting Compliant Software by Design with SD Elements

Inject security into your code from the very beginning of the development lifecycle
Secure Development Challenges

The Importance of Secure Development in Protecting Customer Data

When software security is treated as an afterthought, rather than a vital step in the development process, it can lead to vulnerabilities in production, putting customer data at risk.

Secure Development
Manual Processes

Manually gathering security requirements and addressing weaknesses can take weeks to months.

Secure Development
Increased risk of breach

Manual security tasks increase vulnerability risks in production, causing breaches and compliance issues, which erode customer trust.

Secure Development
Application security is a bottleneck

Slow, unscalable security methods delay software launch, harming competitiveness, and reducing revenue for organizations.

How SD Elements Can Help

Secure Development for Scalable and Compliant Product Releases

SD Elements will allow your organization to minimize the number of vulnerabilities in production ensuring that your customer’s data is protected

Secure Development

Automate software threat modeling

Import a diagram and SD Elements will provide instant, developer-friendly security recommendations, prioritized requirements, and compliance guidance, seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

Reduce security and compliance risks

SD Elements defines security and compliance requirements and controls early in development, minimizing costs and risks compared to addressing them later in the process, which can jeopardize on-time delivery.

Improve application security at scale

With SD Elements, application security practices can scale linearly with your business, reducing bottlenecks in the development process.
Secure Development
Secure Development

Johnson Controls Accelerates Application Security With SD Elements

Johnson Controls, a well-known brand in the smart building space, takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity with SD Elements to ensure their systems are protected.

Establish Secure Software Development through Standard Practices

Secure Development
“SD Elements is quite unique. It is exactly what we needed to expedite and enable our teams’ efforts in releasing secure applications.”
Brian Pitts
Product Security Governance, Architecture & Risk Management, Johnson Controls
Secure Development
Secure Development
“SD Elements enables FINRA to quickly and accurately identify threats and countermeasures in the applications that power our business – at the speed of DevOps.“
Jeremy Ferragamo

Director of Cyber & Information Security, FINRA

Secure Development


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