The Security by Design Series

The Security by Design Series

Frameworks and Regulations to Secure IoT and AI Products



Partner and Technology Lawyer, Aird & Berlis LLP, Toronto

Donald B. Johnston illustrates how laws and regulations reinforce security by design, safeguarding both customers and businesses.

Security by Design: Threat Modeling, Teamwork, and Training


Chief Product Officer,  Security Compass


Trevor Young will explore key activities for businesses to incorporate into their security program, fostering a security culture that facilitates the delivery of products.

Developing Secure Products:  A Business and Customer Requirement


Director, Flash Product Security Assurance, Western Digital®

Tania will delve into the product’s security perspective, employing the Security by Design approach to meet customer expectations of Default Security.

Meet our hosts


Isabela Aureus

Product Marketing Manager


Chip Bell

Senior Product Marketing Manager