Threat Modeling: Finding the Best Approach for Your Organization

With threat modeling, you can significantly reduce vulnerabilities when developing applications, thereby improving software security. But, traditional diagramatic threat modeling doesn’t scale. Download our guide to learn about a threat modeling approach that you can use at scale without burdening scarce security experts.

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Why Threat Modeling?

The idea behind threat modeling is simple; avoiding software flaws is more secure, faster, and less expensive than fixing security vulnerabilities. But, which approach should you choose to improve software security?

Concerns with Manual/Diagramatic Threat Modeling

Manual threat models can be inconsistent as it relies on individual judgment to identify threats, interpret regulatory requirements and secure coding policies, and determine appropriate controls. Read why automation removes the guesswork.

Scaling Threat Modeling through Automation

The best threat modeling methodology is one that organizations can use at scale without burdening scarce security experts. Automating the process can reduce the effort required for each exercise and allow organizations to scale threat modeling.

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