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Key Benefits

  • On-demand availability

  • Consistency

  • Cost-effectiveness

Key Differentiators

  • Security expertise

  • Industry-recognized certification

  • Flexibility and Appeal

  • Up-to-date content

  • Hands-on Learning

Our Enterprise Training Solutions

  • Full Library Suite

    Give your team access to over 35 eLearning courses covering application security throughout the software lifecycle, operation security, compliance, and general security awareness. With full access to our library, learners can take courses required for their roles as well as other courses of interest to complement their security knowledge.

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  • Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Suites

    Offer specialized eLearning and certificates tracks for different roles, including software developer, software architect, QA engineer, and project manager.

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  • Just-in-Time Training

    Integrate contextual training within your SDLC toolchain and as part of your developer workflow. We offer Just-in-Time training, an integral and exclusive part of SD Elements, focused on the relevant vulnerabilities or secure development techniques for the given technology stack.

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  • Training Implementation Services

    Implement SSP Suites or our full library suite with peace of mind. We offer training implementation services to help you:

    Develop learning tracks based on your team members’ role

    Design communication plans

    Develop and manage your eLearning deployment plan 

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Looking for personal security training? We’ve got you covered! Purchase courses a la-carte according to your individual needs and interests.

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